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We offer a great selection of used portable classroom buildings, office modular buildings, training centers, daycare buildings and more.

Fort Myers Area Used Portable Buildings and Offices for Sale and Lease

Used double-wide-office-classroom-building-tan-florida-picture-2-exterior-with-hvac
Used double-wide-office-classroom-building-tan-florida-picture-2-exterior-with-hvac
Used double-wide-office-classroom-building-tan-florida-picture-1-exterior
Used double-wide-office-classroom-building-tan-florida-picture-1-exterior


Used Double Wide Classroom or Office available in Fort Myers area that can be delivered right to your location.

Contact us today using our Contact Form below to view this or any of our used portable office and classroom buildings.

This particular building can be delivered and placed level on blocking for under $24,500!!


Used small-grey-office-trailer-8x15-florida-exterior-picture-2
Used small-grey-office-trailer-8×15-florida-exterior-picture-2
Used small-grey-office-trailer-8x15-florida-interior-picture-1-fort-myers-area
Used small-grey-office-trailer-8×15-florida-interior-picture-1-fort-myers-area

Used 8’x15 Office Trailer ready to deliver to your site.

This unit is located in the Fort Myers area.

Great for site office, guard office, etc.

Come with wheels so you can move it from one site to the other.

Contact us today to view this or any other used offices and classroom buildings.

We have many single wide used office trailers and modular buildings located all over Florida.

We offer lease programs as well. From large to small modular buildings, trailers and complete complex’s contact us to view all of the available buildings today.

Use our Contact Form at the bottom of this page to submit your inquiry and setup a time to view everything.


We have portable buildings located all over Florida and can have them delivered right to your location.  We have a great selection of new and used office units and portable buildings in the Fort Myers and Tampa areas. Delivery and setup throughout Florida is available.
These buildings are great for offices, classrooms, workshops, storage buildings, additions, clubhouses, cottages, homes and just about everything else.
Let us know where you need a building delivered to and we will send over the best options for you to review.

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